Bracing for a Blizzard

It's the calm before the storm and from what the forecasters are saying, it could be a big one. I'm prepared as best as I can be but there are some things that you just cannot be prepared for.

With the warning of possible 60 mph winds there is the possibility of losing power. Having gone through Hurricane Sandy and Irene and being without power for days was rough. It was not the middle of winter however, and the idea of losing heat scares me. It was cold enough when it happened in October.

This storm will be affecting a huge amount of people on the East coast and everyone is scrambling to get ready for it.

Here in New Jersey the snow is due to begin late tonight and I am happy for that. No worries about commuting as I no longer work weekends (yay!) but my son does and even though he works about 1 mile away it can still be a treacherous ride.

Stay safe everyone and prepare yourself for the barrage of snow pictures that your friends will be posting online.

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  1. Yes I saw on the news that the winter storm is heading toward the Jersey shore. These winter storms can be very bad. Please stay safe.