Do Pharmaceutical Companies "Own" Our Doctors?

We have become a society of pill poppers. Just as there is an app for that, many doctors have a pill for whatever ails you. Pharmaceutical companies employ representatives that spend their days (and nights) pushing their company's latest fix for whatever ails you on every doctor that will give them the time of day. To sweeten the deal, the drug reps take the doctors out for lunch, dinner and sometimes even treat the entire office staff to breakfast or lunch.

Trying to find a doctor who is immune to this legal drug pushing is getting harder and harder. With the insurance nightmares in this country, maybe doctors enjoy the perks that the pharmeceutical companies are offering.

If you are the kind of person who wants to avoid using prescription drugs and would rather focus on the cause of your symptoms, you need to look for a doctor who is open to natural cures. If you are a parent, keeping your child free of medications is very difficult, especially if your child is diagnosed with a disorder like ADHD.Is ADHD overdiagnosed? Misdiagnosed, often over-diagnosed and not always treated without medications, ADHD depends upon the feedback of the parents, teachers and any adults that are involved in the education and care of the child. A well-trained doctor will factor in all information and then determine the diagnosis. Doctors are often too quick to call a child's symptoms ADHD and from there, the child is on stimulant medications with side effects.

What can we do to stop this cycle of legal drug pushers? We can weigh the benefits of taking prescriptions drugs. If there are other options like changing your diet or lifestyle changes, why not give it a shot instead of just giving in to prescription medication. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary but often there are options.

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