April Fool's Day

In honor of April Fool's day I am going to let it all hang out. Heck, I am not even sure anyone reads my blog on a regular enough basis that anyone is even going to see this post so why not have do the name justice and give some daily bitch?

Let's see...where to begin. Hmmm. Okay, yes. Here is something that many can relate to (unless of course you are a mechanic or you married one)

Being at the mercy of an auto mechanic is the worst possible scenerio. In my part of the world, public transportation is worthless. You need a car or you better be prepared to walk (or ride a bike).

Yesterday it was finally arranged that my car (which has been dead for several weeks) would finally be towed from my parent's driveway and to a mechanic who could figure out what happened now.

Guess what? The car still has not been towed. Geez. I am not asking for someone to do me a favor, I am going to pay the guy to fix it (and towing charges). It must be nice to have a business but not need more work.

It doesn't really matter...I have been existing without transportation on and off since last December.

So that is bitch #1...what's next? TGIF. Only because I do not need to try and get my lazy-ass teenager out of bed tomorrow morning because there is no school on weekends!!!

The girl has always had morning rising issues. It just annoys me. I feel like every morning I go through the same thing. It was far worse when I actually had to prepare to get my own butt ready for work...that was a LONG time ago.

She is only a freshman so I still have several more years of this. Why not just let her face the consequences of not getting up on time, you ask? Hahahahahahahaha. Right.

Because of the way things are, if she doesn't get to school on time (or at all) it falls on ME! Eventually, I am the one who has to answer for her tardiness and absences. So, I try not to stress out in the morning over getting her out of bed.

Wow, reading back what I have written sure seems like small issues. Well...it builds.

Being long-term unemployed, finding yourself applying for jobs at places like Walmart (yea, I did it) coping with ever-ongoing financial struggles and family drama - did I mention the chronic pain issue?

Geez. I am feeling pathetic right now. What am I complaining about? I am blessed to have my 15 year old daughter. I am thankful that anyone even comes to me to get advice- that must mean I am worthy of having some kind of sound intelligence. Hahahahaha- fooled them all!

As I sit here and contemplate how I am going to torture my children when I am old and feeble ( I am thinking about requesting only organic foods be fed to me) I also think about all I need to do today.

Laundry? Dishes? Cleaning? Finish up some paperwork for my kids health insurance, maybe take a long walk (if it stops snow/raining) and I don't know...just another day.

Now since I am done with my ranting/bitching/complaining and oh, forgive me for offending anyone who doesn't like my use of language.

Some say that people use "curse" words because they lack the intelligence to come up with anything better. I can live with that. This is me. I am not going to make excuses. I know when to use these kind of words and when not to.

I am a reasonably intelligent person. If someone chooses to judge me because my blog is called the daily bitch...let them. I think I just showed after spilling my rants that all it is worthy of is the word "bitch". 

I really do live a charmed life. How silly to get worked up over these petty problems.

There are much bigger issues going on in the world. I should consider myself lucky.

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