Rituals of Spring

The long, miserable winter is over! Time to enjoy the rituals of Spring! Cleaning your flowerbeds is a ritual that has finally gotten done in my yard. No easy task either being that our spring weather has been mostly below normal temperatures.

Giving your room a spring makeover was something I found helpful when the temperatures outside were not feeling springlike.

Spring cleaning my body was another ritual that was very needed in my case. Last year was full of personal health challenges and adapting some new, healthier eating habits is giving me the energy that I need to accomplish all these spring activities.

The next thing on my list is a yard sale. In the past I have carted off boxes of belongings and paid for a table at an indoor flea market. The first time I did this, I was wildly successful. It took several hours of my Saturday afternoon but it was worth the effort.

This year I decided to take advantage of my town's no-fee yard sale day and free advertising and have a yard sale. This is a good chance for me to (hopefully) get rid of clutter that is overtaking my basement and maybe even earn a few dollars for my efforts.

Preparing for a yard sale is something that I have time for being that I am still unemployed. It will give me a distraction from checking my emails for responses to the resumes I have been sending out.

Easter is also on its way and part of me is relieved that doing things like Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets are not on my to-do list anymore. Making up 5 baskets with fun toys and candy was challenging and could get expensive. It is kind of nice to have those days behind me.

As I prepare for my yard sale, I am also still very focused on the extra weight I have gained in the last year. Losing weight after 40 is definitely harder but nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

I look forward to spring. Winter can find many of us isolated and depressed. Spring is a time of new hope for the future. I, for one, need this renewed focus of hope for a better future...it was a long, tough winter. I am glad it is over!

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