Everybody Lies

Readers who are too righteous to admit the truth can just stop reading this post right away. The truth is that EVERYBODY LIES.

Some people are malicious and lie on purpose. Some people lie because they fear hurting someone's feelings. Some people lie because they cannot handle facing the truth. Other people lie because they wouldn't know the truth if it slapped them in the face.

I myself am guilty of holding back the truth at times but I honestly never make a habit of lying to someone in order to hurt their feelings. Truth hurts sometimes but it is very important to me.

I recently had the misfortune of dealing with some distant relatives who fit into the category of "not knowing the truth if it slapped them in the face". One is also the malicious type of liar whose main purpose in life seems to be to hurt others by twisting the truth. Her ego is such that she is unable to take any kind of personal responsibility for anything. She would stab her own mother in the back to get her way.

I like to believe that there is good in everyone. People often react a certain way to situations because they have a fear of getting hurt, have trust issues or they are just so evil-minded that they think everyone else is just as twisted as they are. I still believe in giving second chances. Sometimes. It depends on the person.

People can change if they want to but unless they are aware that there is anything in need of changing they will just go through life being the miserable person that they are.

I prefer to steer clear of her kind.

My life is good. I have struggles like many others but I prefer to surround myself with loving,truthful people. When people throw around the word "love" but then act in a hateful way it just proves how little they know about what real love is.

But I am not going to waste my thoughts anymore about malicious, hateful liars. I have said enough.

Yes. I am not perfect but I certainly am above this kind of person. I always was and I always will be.

Gossip, lies and hateful behavior are really so unnecessary. Life is short- why waste time with negativity?

I am so much better than that.

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