Forgiveness and Betrayal

Kate pleads her case to Sonny who sees her DID as a convenient excuse for sleeping with Johnny. He walks away from her not believing her story. Kate remains in custody awaiting her psychiatric evaluation.

Delores forgives Lulu for accusing her husband of being the attacker.

Luke and Anna arrive at the hospital and Luke is relieved to find Lulu is okay. Although he is proud of his daughter he tells her that he cannot bear the thought of losing her. He makes her promise to stay safe.

Anna and Elizabeth bond over their mutual loss of a child as Elizabeth talks about it being Jake's birthday.

Jason accuses John of taking chances with Sam's life and Sam reminds Jason that John saved her and the baby.

Sam goes to the hospital to be checked out after her ordeal and has a run-in with Elizabeth who assures her that she is only Jason's friend.

Jason and John exchange mutual threats. Jason warns John to stay away from his wife.

Sam goes back to the motel only to run into John again.

Anna and Luke share a moment of gratitude for having each other to lean on.

Jason accompanies Elizabeth to go visit Jake's grave.

Michael tells Starr that he feels betrayed and used by her. Starr insists that she did not use him. Starr remains in custody for attempting to kill Sonny. Neither Michael or Starr knows that it was Ronnie who was responsible for the crash.

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