Thoughts on the Connecticut Shooting, Gun Control and the Media

Yesterday was a dark day. Twenty children and six adults were massacred at their school and the nation is in a state of shock.

The question "why" is a normal response to such a tragedy but honestly is there really any explanation that could justify taking innocent lives?

The combination of a lack of gun control plus a mentally disturbed individual equals a recipe for an event such as yesterday's mass killings.

Yes, gun control needs to be discussed. The teacher who was killed by her own son was the owner of these assault weapons.

What we don't need is the media exploiting the survivors of this tragedy. Don't be interviewing these children who are in a state of shock! We all can imagine the horror they have been through. Is it really necessary to follow these families around looking for a scoop?

Why can't they just report the news? Maybe focus on investigating why guns are so out of control in this country. Leave the victims alone.

But honestly, discussing gun control is something that we have been trying to do since Columbine (probably before) but legislation needs to happen already.

I can understand having A gun but several assault weapons??? Why?

That is the why that I want answers to.

Why the shooter chose to kill his mother and then go off to the school she taught at to kill a bunch of people doesn't matter to me.

It's done. Knowing his reason doesn't change anything.

I want to know why anyone has the need to have a small arsenal at their disposal.

I can just hear the advocates for gun owners rights now. Well, go ahead and tell me a good reason why anyone should own a bunch of assault weapons.


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