Crazy or Strong?

Overcoming obstacles seems to be my mission in life, albeit one that I do not remember choosing. Why I chose the bumpy road instead of the smooth path is beyond me. What state of mind was I in when I made that choice???

Nevertheless, here I am. No going back now. No looking back either. Full speed (well, maybe not FULL speed) ahead.

Am I crazy or am I strong to believe that I can pull myself out of the rut I have been in?

I guess I gotta believe that I can because if I don't, what is the alternative???

I've made tons of mistakes along the way but I guess not recognizing them as mistakes would mean that I haven't learned a thing.

Some mistakes cannot be fixed and you have to pay the price for them.

There are days when I wish someone would just take care of me and cut me a break from it all but I know that isn't who I am. There is a fire that burns inside me that makes me believe that I am worthy, I am deserving and I will persevere!

So, for now, I look where I am going and visualize the rewards off in the distance. I will get there.

Hopefully it will be soon!

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