Standing Alone

Stand up for what you believe in even if you find you are standing alone.

It sounds noble, doesn't it but the reality is that in today's world it isn't always the wisest choice.

I spoke my mind. I stood up when my conscious told me a situation was wrong. Instead of talking behind others' backs, I spoke up.

It is very lonely.

People admired me for standing up for myself. I even had some tell me that they wished they could do the same. They didn't possess the same courage as me.

I've learned a lot about people and about myself in the past year. I've learned that people act like your friend but when the chips are down they are nowhere to be found. I've learned that others fear those who are not afraid to speak up. Large companies especially. They want their employees to drink the kool-aid and go along with the flow. The one who disrupts the flow by speaking up will be the one to go.

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. When you stand up for what you believe you better be perfect. People will only notice what you have done wrong and not what you have done right.

I'm sure, once again, that I will get tons of support for my views and my ethics. It's not going to pay my bills. It's not going to get me a job.

I wish we lived in a world where people weren't afraid to do what's right. I wish we lived in a world where people celebrated those who are brave enough to be themselves a not a carbon copy of everyone else.

We don't live in that kind of world.

People in the work world are expected to be robot-like, doing what they are told, accepting abuse with a smile and never daring to fight back.

You are expected to give and give and give without receiving much for it.

I cannot be that person that "they" want.

I taught my children to listen to their hearts and do what is right. I taught them to be true to who they are inside. I told them to stand up for themselves because they are worthy.

Was I wrong?

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