Getting Naked

Creative "types" can relate to what I am feeling today. I finally realized a dream a few months ago when I self-published my first book "Turning Your Trash into Treasure". My first book is a how-to guide for getting started selling online.

Writing is a passion of mine but it is also like getting naked. Although I feel confident about what I wrote, I still feel very vulnerable about how people might react to it. I get the same way about selling my crafts/creations. At times I don't feel like any of it is "good enough".

I've thrown out wreaths I made that others have complimented me for. Being an artist is tough.

I chose to write "Turning Your Trash into Treasure" as my first book because I wanted to write about a topic that I felt confident about. I have always enjoyed flea markets and finding treasures in attics and other forgotten places. After my grandparents passed and my parents moved out of their home that they spent 50 years in, suddenly I had a surplus of "stuff".

I admire old "things" but like to live without clutter. It was time to get busy and find homes for all these treasures. I turned to eBay and eventually Etsy and learned a lot along the way. What I learned about selling online I put into my book in a way that any novice could understand.

Selling online is a part-time hobby for me that earns me some extra cash. My book is free today for Kindle users and I hope that this promotion will help to raise book sales. This is just one step in my long-term goal to eventually be able to not have to work a crappy retail job that has no future.

In the meantime I will try and cope with feeling "naked" as I put my work out there for the world to see. Check out my book for free on Kindle and leave me a review. Try and be kind and feel free to email me with questions or comments (or leave a comment here).

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