Easter is this weekend!!!!

For those of you who wait til the last minute, Easter is this weekend. Don't forget about making an Easter Basket for those special people in your life.

Making an Easter basket personalized is easy to do. You might even get lucky and be able to do it by shopping at one store. Plan ahead by writing a list of ideas for who is on your list. A traditional Easter basket contains candy but you can make yours without any. Try a themed basket like makeup and toiletries for your favorite teenage girl in your life to a basket of healthy treats for someone who is not into candy. A basket filled with rainy day fun things to do is always welcome for a younger child and mom will love it too!

here are some links to some ideas for Easter from making baskets to decorating desserts to decorating for springtime!!!

This has ideas on making an Easter basket for a toddler-

Spring decorating made easy-

And don't forget that great Easter tradition- egg hunt!

Plus all the above sites have springtime recipes and other useful info!
Happy Easter everyone

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