I'm Back!

Well after too long of an absence, here I am. I have been sidelined the past month by doctor visits, tests, emergency rooms visits, surgeries and recovery time. In the haze of it all, I wrote a few articles here and there but have ignored my daily bitch.

This post today is about gallbladder disease. Unbeknownst to me, until I found out that I had a problem, gallbladder disease runs in my family. My aunt, female cousins and grandmother all have had their problems with gallbladder disease.

After going through treatment for a breast cyst, the last thing I wanted to deal with was going to the doctor. I starting treating myself (bad idea) for acid reflux after suffering at first from heartburn that would keep me from being able to sleep and then it progressed into marathon vomiting sessions that would occur every 3 to 4 nights. I tried changing my diet, taking prevacid for 2 weeks and finally, nothing worked. I got tired of being dehydrated and exhausted and in pain. I went to see my doctor who first suggested the idea that it was my gallbladder. (a smart online writing friend had told me the same thing- thanks miri) She gave me a sample of something to try and after the pain increased I finally said "enough" and went to my favorite er.
More tests and a night in the hospital and I was told that my gallbladder probably had to come out. So- long story short, I saw my favorite surgeon and he scheduled me to have the deed done.
So, my message for all you ladies who self-diagnose is DON'T! Even if you are a doctor, you shouldn't be treating yourself. If you have a pain that won't go away or other symptoms that are just not right, listen to your body- it is sending signals and what you need to do is to go see a pro! yes, the doctor.
What I didn't know until after my surgery is that your gallbladder can burst! This can be fatal. Had I ignored my symptoms(which were only getting worse) who knows what could have happened.
Okay, I learned my lesson. I promise to pay attention to my body's signals and to start taking care of myself.
Please friends, do the same!

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