Is Depression Real?

Is Depression real? Some people look at depression as something that only happens to "weak" people. They look at someone's life and cannot understand why someone would be depressed. They think you can "will" yourself out of the feelings of depression.

If only clinical depression could be that easy to "cure". The problem is that for those who choose to recognize depression, it can be a long and lonely road to recovery. Depression is real. It can happen to anyone, from children to the elderly. Rich or poor, black or white, it doesn't matter.

If your elderly parent shows signs of depression, as many do, getting them help can be frustrating but necessary. Mental health still has a lot of stigma attached to it and the older generation is not as open to acceptance.

So many live in denial of our symptoms. Why do people think that they are so above others who will admit to being challenged by a mental illness?

I am not ashamed to say that I suffer anxiety and depression symptoms and have received treatment on and off for years. I recognize symptoms in other people and it still surprises me how they deny it. There is help out there and it doesn't make you weak to seek it. I am no different from the person who has diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic medical condition.

But back to the elderly. Your golden years should be relaxing and happy. If you know someone whose personality has changed, has been complaining too much of physical pain, has had a drastic change in sleeping or eating habits and is more irritable than normal, read the following article and get them help!

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  1. Depression IS real. I have had to deal with this challenge since childhood (really, I'm diagnosed as bipolar II) and as I've grown older I've discovered that it is possible to manage it...although it is a daily bitch! :)