Cats- What declawing your cat really does to it

To the right is a picture of my cat Gumby. He was the inspiration behind the above article about declawing.

Before I start to get hate mail from animal lovers, let me explain...
Gumby was one of those kittens that scratched everywhere. You can just tell with some kittens that they are not going to change and they will shread everything in your home.
Believe me, I am hardly the kind who has a home that looks like it came out of a home and garden magazine, but, that said, I had lived with hand-me-down furniture forever. I knew in the near future I was going to be able to purchase something new. I love my cats but I wasn't willing to see a cat destroy the furniture that I worked so hard for.
I made many assumptions about declawing. I admit that I did not do my research. Gumby has paid for my ignorance. Gumby does not easily use the litter box anymore, this is why he is on a harness outside. He spends the day outside on and off. He actually loves the outdoors and this keeps him safe. I am posting this article to teach others what I learned too late about declawing.
Again, please no hate mail...I know declawing is wrong.

Only the black cat is declawed. The other two are not.

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  1. Hate mail would do no good,you obviously feel guilty enough about declawing poor Gumby and he is now paying the price for your mistake and for the fact that the vet who amputated his toe ends obviously didn't fully explain all the hazards of the operation.Sadly,vets who declaw cats make a lot of money out of it and don't want it stopped.
    But many people worldwide do and that's why we are educating as many as we can to the truth of this cruelty.
    But because we can't reach everyone,declawing must be made illegal as it is in ours and 37 other countries.
    PLEASE help us save cats from suffering as your Gumby and too many others are from mental and physical problems from declawing.