The other side of divorce

It isn't a shock to see people who have been married multiple times and keeping track of blended families has become normal. What is shocking is when you find a couple who has been able to weather the storms and still be together 25 and even 35 years later. For many people in their 50's, surviving being married to their high school sweetheart deserves a reward. I know four such couples and I am not going to embarrass them, but, all I can say is good for you!!! And they said it would never last. Having a good marriage takes work by both parties. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work out the way you had hoped.  There are alternatives to divorce, and maybe the couples who make it to the 25 year mark have their own secrets to marriage longevity.

So today's dailybitch salutes those couples who hung together and hopefully are living happily ever after!!!
Guess you all know what a rarity you are!

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