Back to School But Not For Jennifer

Today is back to school day in my town. As I anxiously worry about my daughter's first day of high school, my heart aches for my friend Lisa. Today was to be her daughter's 1st day of senior year. Unfortunately, due to the irresponsible actions of a teen driver, Jennifer is not here to experience senior year. She was killed in a car accident.

Reckless teen driving is responsible for many deaths and serious injuries and it is not always alcohol or drug-related. There were no drugs or alcohol involved in this accident. Just the arrogance and irresponsibility of a spoiled, immature young man.

No criminal charges were filed against this driver who also has acted completely remorseless over causing the death of a 16 year old girl.

The message that I want to share with parents today is one of gratefulness and parental responsibility. Although your kids can challenge you at times, be thankful that you have them to challenge you. Also remember that children (no matter their age) need to be responsible for their actions. It is up to you to teach them. Every parent of a teen who is approaching driving age feels a certain amount of anxiety over letting them go and be responsible behind the wheel. Teach your children the dangers of reckless driving. Driving is a priviledge not a right. A vehicle can be a weapon if used the wrong way. Teach them how precious life is. There are no guarantees- true accidents happen but if you behave in a reckless manner- you are increasing the chances of something bad happening.

 No one should have to bury their child. Jennifer was a beautiful girl who had a life that was full of promise. She was talented and loved life. As a young girl, she survived heart surgery and had so much to look forward to. She was robbed of the opportunity to do what our children are doing. Her mom, who is perhaps the strongest woman I have ever known, has fought for justice for her daughter and has honored her daughter's memory by creating a scholarship fund in her name.

Say a prayer for Lisa today. If you don't pray, send positive thoughts her way. Be ever so thankful for what you have. Lisa's life changed in an instant because of an irresponsible young man. Let's lower the odds of another tragedy by teaching our children how to be responsible drivers.

Gone way too soon.

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  1. So true..... words cannot express the sorrow and pain I feel for Lisa. It was an injustice for her to lose a child, now the state compounds that injustice by not making the party responsible for her death to suffer the consequences. Sometimes I wonder if there actually is any justice in this world. I shed a tear every day for Lisa... My friend.