Lindsey Baum - STILL MISSING

Lindsey Baum has been missing now for over a year. She has missed 2 birthdays with her family not knowing where she disappeared to.  She was walking home from a friend's house and just vanished. Searches have not produced any clues and many people have been interviewed.

I first became aware of Lindsey through my writing on eHow. The community at eHow was very close and although we live in different parts of the country, many friendships have been made on that site. For those of you who do not know what eHow is, it is a site where people write how-to's on every possible subject. I first heard about Lindsey on a community forum the day after she went missing. Lindsey's best friend's mother writes on eHow and when she asked for prayers and help finding this girl, it really touched home. Although Lindsey lives in Washington State, I cannot imagine Lindsey's mother's pain and this mother's pain over the mysterious disappearance of her child's friend. This happens so often that a child goes missing that sometimes I think too many of us become immune to the horror of it.

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Please hug your child tonight and be thankful they are safe. There are too many parents going to sleep tonight without their precious child under their roof.

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