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This is a follow-up to my story about being at the mercy of your auto mechanic...The husband calmly(which if you know him, was not easy to do) went in to speak to the mechanic about the shoddy repair made on his car. He started out by handing him the shop rag that was left wedged between the hood and radiator. He was willing to see what the shop's reaction would be.

Well...the service writer was surprised that any of his mechanics would do such a thing. My husband then spoke to the mechanic who actually did the deed (who, by the way is not only the service writer's Dad but the owner of the shop). He (the mechanic) got outraged that my husband had the nerve to be upset. He felt there was no harm done in improvising by using a shop rag and didn't think it was important to mention.


My husband (who was fuming by now) reminded the mechanic that the original design did not include a shop rag. After words back and forth, my husband left.

The shop's service writer later called to apologize for his father/mechanic and offered to order the missing clip.

I told the service writer that due to his father's poor attitude I can no longer trust them to work on our cars. It makes me wonder what else he didn't think was important enough to tell us about OUR car. He is very upset to lose our business ( as well he should be) . We have taken 4 cars there for the past 5 years and spent nearly $7000 combined.

From now on, I will take our cars to a shop in a neighboring town where a mechanic that I used to work with works. He wasn't born here, he came here from Poland as a young man and has morals and work ethics. It is more of a drive but it is worth it.

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