Cooking for one

Having a husband who is now working 2nd shift can really through off mealtime in my house. With the kids off visiting their dad on Sunday, I find myself home alone. Home alone is nice. Peace and quiet is good. The problem is when it comes to dinnertime, I often skip it because cooking for one is tough.

Most people who live alone may cook homemade meals but often rely on prepared foods. This is one way to gain weight and develop health issues like high blood pressure from the high sodium levels in processed foods.

Cooking for one takes practice expecially if you are used to cooking for a crowd. The best way to go about it is to cook well, freeze portion size meals and you will always have a delicious, healthy meal ready to re-heat.

Just because it is only you doesn't mean you don't deserve to eat well and pamper yourself. Don't sit in front of your laptop or television. Enjoy your meal sitting at the table. Light some candles. Use your fine china or special dishes. Take your time, eat slowly and enjoy.

Follow up with a relaxing after-dinner walk. Alone time doesn't have to be lonely.

So, what did I eat for dinner? That is for another post. Remember, just because you find yourself alone doesn't mean you have to be sad about it. You should be your own best company. Enjoy being alone with yourself. Do what makes you feel good. Treat yourself right. You deserve it!

5 things to do when you are alone

What would your top 5 things be??? Please comment below.

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