Balancing not juggling

Life is a delicate balance not a juggling act. Once you change your mindset, balancing becomes easier to do. Learning how to let go of things or people in your life that drag you down or don't really matter is one way of making balancing easier.

Identify what is important to you. Don't allow what others may think of your choices to influence your decisions. Do what is best for you and those that you love and matter to you.

Once you decide on what kind of life you want to live, go out and live it! We all have the power to make our own choices. Yes, when you are responsible for the care of a child it alters your choices but the choice to be a parent was yours. Hopefully, you thought out the responsiblities before you had the child.

You can be a parent and still take care of your own needs. You must. If you ignore your needs you will resent the child and that is not fair. Enjoy what you have in your life instead of living regretting missed opportunities. Realize that life is full of changes and learn how to roll with them. Choose your battles wisely. Some really are not worth fighting.

Why so philosophical? Maybe it is the realization that October is here already. Time goes by quickly and there are no guarantees how much time anyone has. Live to the fullest. Make the most out of every situation. Stand up tall and be happy (it is easier to balance that way!)

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