Amazing Things WILL Happen

Being somewhat secluded from being part of the outside world, my life the last two+ years has been kept going by my family and my contact with my online "friends". Long-term unemployment and 3 surgeries in the course of 6 months kept me home-bound. Without a job to go to, my big day "out" would be a run to the grocery store when I was able to.

Since right before Christmas, when my car broke down (what next?), I really became housebound and more dependent on my online buddies for support.

Unable to find a "real" job, I have turned to online content writing and selling Vintage items on Etsy to help keep a roof over my family's head. It is not for lack of trying that I am unable to find a job. As someone who is a Jill of all trades, I am open and willing to do just about anything that my back condition will allow. Unfortunately, I have not had any luck and although I have changed my resume several times, it hasn't brought me an interview in weeks. I still have hope though, throughout all these personal challenges, I am not giving up. Giving up is not an option.

I am not the only person who is struggling. Due to having many online contacts, I am aware of people's struggles all over this country. We all are dealing with personal challenges...what I have noticed is an upswing in how many people are taking to Facebook and encouraging themselves and others with their postings of positive mantras, quotes and other inspirational messages.

There is power in sharing positive thoughts and instead of whining, complaining and waiting to be bailed out, people are looking to faith, hope and belief that "it" will get better. They are TRYING to help themselves by seeing their challenges in a more positive way.

We are not perfect. We all have days where we feel like throwing in the towel. How can we not? It gets tiresome to always be upbeat and positive. The bottom line is that the human spirit is alive and well.

Through the support of the online community I belong to, I have experienced the generous nature of people. Even though some people may be going through impossibly difficult situations, they still are compassionate and helpful towards others.

In these hard economic times, people are reaching out to each other and helping with their postings and messages of hope. These random postings touch others when you are least aware. There have been many moments when I have been dealing with a personal drama and thanks to an online friend's post or article, I have been able to change my way of seeing things and felt hope when I was ready to lose hope.

Thank you to all of you (and you know who you are) for reminding me and others to never give up.

Amazing things will happen when you change your attitude.

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