Ophiuchus The 13th Sign of the Zodiac

Yesterday I didn't pay too much attention to the recent addition of a 13th sign to the zodiac. I was born on December 13th and as far as I was concerned, I was a Sagitarrius.

I felt like the "typical" female Sagittarian. Outspoken (almost to a fault), Sagitarrians speak the truth and are truth-seekers. They seek knowledge, are philosophers and they are seekers of the meaning of life.

Today, I noticed a post that shook me a little. It seems that due to this "re-arrangement" of the zodiac, I am not a Sagittarian after all, I am Ophiuchus, the 13th sign.

Okay. I have to admit being the 13th sign is kind of cool for me. 13 has always been a significant number to me. Not only was I born on the 13th, my husband was born on the 13th of June and we specifically got married on the 13th of the month (on  a Friday the 13th, no less)

13 has always felt comfortable to me. How I feel about this rearrangement of the Zodiac signs is something I haven't yet figured out. I need to do more research first (although that is a very Sagittarius thing to do) and find out if this new "discovery" is something of meaning or just another piece of nonsense like Pluto getting demoted as a planet.

ophiuchus is compared as being somewhat like Scorpio with some qualities such as being a seeker of knowledge.

I will continue to research this new finding and see where I fit in. I have always followed astrology and look forward to the beginning of the month to see what the planets and stars have in store for me. I do not revolve my life around it, but I do take astrological advice into account when I make some decisions or have trouble deciding something.

How about you? Does this new shift in the zodiac amuse you or do you not care about astrology?

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  1. I found this article interesting even though I know nothing about astrology except for looking at my horoscope occasionally.