The Great Depression

When you think about something "great" one thinks about it being good. Why they use the word "great" to describe the Great Depression is something that always confused me. What was so great about people losing their jobs and having to stand in line in order to feed their families?

If anything "great" came out of the depression, it has to be that people who lived through it learned how to survive on less. They were stronger and more grateful for what they did have.

The recession that started in 2007/2008 may be technically over as far as economists say but many people are still suffering the affects of it. Economists do admit that job recovery is going to take at least 6 years. For many baby boomers, their lives will be changed forever because of this economic disaster that hit our country.

Even for those in their 20's and 30's, the future will be different. We cannot expect to go back to life the way it was pre-recession. Life is different now.

Changes have been made in regards to banking and credit. Housing prices are dropping so those who were able to keep their homes have seen their worth drop. For someone with good credit who has the money, a bargain can be found on a home. One must go into home ownership carefully though. If it is going to cost you every dime you have to become a homeowner, you are taking a huge risk unless you are independently wealthy.

The point is that everyone needs to have a plan B. A nest egg is a must. The economy is still unpredictable and job security is a thing of the past. Get too comfortable and you might find yourself shocked when you get laid off.

We can all take a lesson from those who lived through the Great Depression. Sure, many of them are no longer with us but baby boomers certainly heard stories of frugality from their parents.

One can live a simpler life, one that is within your means and still feel secure. Learning how to reuse or repurpose items is not only good for the Earth but it is good for your wallet.

Seeing the simple pleasures in life and enjoying what is free to enjoy makes for a less stressful life.

Going back to a simpler time by the way that you choose to live is a way to adapt to the shaky economy. We can all ride it out better if we learn how to spend less, save more and take a lesson from those who survived the worst economic crisis this country ever saw.

Possessions and fancy cars that keep us working 50 hours a week just to have them is not a fulfilling life. It shortens your life span by adding stress and pressure to it.

Why not try to live a simpler life? You may be surprised at how your relationships will deepen once you find that you have more time on your hands. When you let go of the possessions that rule your work existance, you can downsize your life and actually enjoy it.

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