Spring is around the corner!

Spring is around the corner! It will be so nice to say goodbye to the horrible winter of 2011.

As I watch the snow slowly melt around my home, I realize that I am going to have my work cut out for me once the snow finally melts away. Because of the record snowfall, many of my bushes around my home were severely damaged from the weight of more than 4 feet on snow and ice that covered them for weeks.

Pruning is not a gardening task that I have trouble with. It is like cutting hair. I went to beauty school, I can handle shaping a bush as if it was a head of hair...planting is another issue.

True confession time here...the first time I planted bulbs, I put them in the ground upside down. When spring came and no tulips burst from the ground, I figured out my mistake. If like me you need help, check out this Help for beginning gardeners .

I was blessed to have a Grandmother who had a beautiful garden. She taught me many things about how to care for her garden. I still have lots to learn. Thanks to many talented online writers I have met, who catered to people like me, it is easy to pick up tips.

This year I am going all out and attempting (yet again) a vegetable garden. I remember the year that I successfully grew cucumbers. There is nothing like the taste of a fresh, home-grown cucumber. Except of course, the taste of anything else that you grow in your garden.

Reading a Seed packet can help the novice gardener. Check out this article by Jackie DiGiovanni. She also has many other helpful gardening articles. Seedlings can be started indoors so when the warmer weather comes, you will have a jumpstart. Personally, with my nosy cats, I have to spend the extra money on plants. Plus, although my home gets full sun in the summer, in the late winter I have trouble with indoor plants and how to keep them getting appropriate sunlight.

There are many reasons to look towards Spring. For me, having a yard that looks pretty with the colors of spring and the excitement of growing my own vegetables makes me excited.

Colors of Spring are pinks, yellows, oranges, blues and really, every color of the rainbow. My front of my home has mostly green with a few spring-blooming bushes. I am following tips to keep the color going through the summer. Low-maintenance works best for me...I will be focusing my energies on my backyard, growing vegetables in the full-sun of my bare backyard.

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