Aren't we more than our dress size? Hmm. Maybe not.

Khloe Kardashian is fighting back (or just seeking media attention) about criticism over her weight. Khloe is 5'10" tall and is allegedly a size 6. Yeah, okay, in what store does she fit into a size 6? But debating her size is not the issue here.

Regardless of her claims to be a size 6, the real issue at heart is what is so horrible about the way Khloe looks? She is never going to look like her sisters Kourtney and Kim. She towers over them and even if she lost a drastic amount of weight, she is not petite.

I thought that with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and yes, even Kim Kardashian embracing their curvier figures we might have been making some headway against the abnormal anorexic-looking women that some of our young daughters strive to be like.

Promoting self-esteem in your daughter is tough when you have ridiculous headlines like ones about Khloe Kardashian being too fat. Granted, in Khloe's case, her mother Kris is whoring her daughters out and in order to do so they probably must fit in to the industry standard of looking like solid food never passes their lips (or it doesn't stay where it is meant to).

I would like to believe (and I have raised my daughters to believe) that we are more than our dress size. Who you are inside is what counts. The outside is packaging. Teaching our daughters to love themselves and feel worthy in this crazy world is tough enough without the distorted view of what a woman should look like or what size is ideal.

In the land of Hollywood where all is fake, I guess dress size does matter. Where your life is all about how much money you can make to promote yourself and the image you project is who you are, shallowness is the only thing that matters.

I, for one, am happy to live in my world!

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  1. I thought you were kidding when you posted on FB about the daily bitch. This blog is very smart of you. You posts are great and much needed. I can certainly relate.