Spring Celebration

Today is Easter and that means it is finally Spring! In celebration, we colored some eggs, if only out of a long tradition. To many people, Easter is a religious celebration and to others it is a day to gather with family or both. In our home, we "celebrated" by having a nice meal together. It was also a little known "holiday" today called "Pigs in a Blanket day" so we served homemade crescent dough wrapped smokies along with our deviled eggs, roast and red potatoes. A delicious meal and a nice day shared with my two youngest kids, husband and ex husband. I think it is becoming a tradition for my ex to join us for holiday meals. To me, I find it easier. No need for the kids to feel they have to choose between us and I really do not mind his company. My kids are lucky and I sure hope that they know it!

Whatever you celebrated today, I hope it was enjoyable as my day was!

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