Fairytales Part 2

After my earlier post, I decided that I might have been a little harsh. I have been having some trouble of late getting my real point across. Not a good thing when I am trying to make a living (hahahahha) writing.

I didn't mean to offend anyone who found the Royal Wedding to be an escape. We all need escapes from reality- no matter how happy we are in our own lives.

It was wrong of me to assume that just because you enjoy the fairytale aspect of royalty means that you are walking through your life with rose-colored glasses on.

I think I have just been disgusted lately by women I know who are waiting for Prince Charming. They have had failed relationships and just don't seem to get why that is.

Then I hear how many people went overboard about a royal wedding and I just thought to myself- geez- what is wrong with some people?

I should know better than to categorize everyone. My apologies.

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