Royal Wedding

It really amazes me just how many people live vicariously through celebrities and people they don't even know.

Take the royal wedding. People actually went out of their way to get up early and watch the spectacle on television.

I was up before dawn (as usual) and put on the television (as usual) to see the local weather report/prediction. I had forgotten that the festivities were starting so early (time difference).

As I went through my morning routine with the wedding on in the background, it made me think about why people get so caught up in these events. Are people really so unhappy with their own lives?

Why do so many need to believe in fairytales? Why are so many women unlucky at love? 

I have not always been happily married. As a matter of fact, when Prince William's parents got married, I had just married my first husband. When Princess Diana tragically died, I was married to my second husband. And now I am happily married to my 3rd (and final) husband.

I never believed in fairytales. I never wanted to be that princess who was taken care of by a man. My husband is extremely good to me but I am good to him also. It is give and take. It is also work to be happy in a relationship. I did an awful lot of self-exploration to come to a place where I was ready to be a strong part of a couple. That may be where many people go wrong.

I heard a reporter say that the wedding of William and Kate gives people hope. How is that really?

Yesterday, more than 300 people were killed in the SouthEast by record tornadoes. They are still finding the dead amongst the rubble. How does the royal wedding give these people hope?

Love exists, real love, amongst the "commoners". The father in Alabama who died by using his body to shield his 9 year old daughter from the tornado (she survived) - that is love. My friends parents who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary today are a prime example of real love. They raised a family, not in great monetary wealth but the richness of raising 2 fine adults and seeing their grandchildren grow up the same.

Real love isn't like a fairytale. Does anybody really want that?

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