Self-esteem and Women- How to Tell if Yours is Low

Women and self-esteem. Your relationships, your job and everything about you is suffering if your self-esteem is lacking.

Water for Elephants is a new movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattenson. It is about a woman who is stuck in a role in life that doesn't make her happy. She gets the chance to follow her heart, but does she?

Many women fall into a role in life that doesn't fulfill them. Low self-esteem keeps them stuck. If you are a mom, you are teaching your daughters to follow your path. If you are not a mom, you still deserve to break free from the invisible chains that are holding you back.

Family dysfunction can cause a girl to grow up with low self-esteem. Even though we are not placing blame here, it is important to recognize that the "normal" you grew up with was anything but. It helped to mold you into the person you are today. It is never too late to "fix" the damage that was done.

Not being able to forgive can be holding you back in life. Your self-esteem could be damaged from feeling taken advantage of and you may be reacting to hurt by overcompensating in life. You may feel unworthy and this can keep you from living life to the fullest. Maybe you are even looking for a second chance by living through your child .

Are you constantly failing in relationships? Many single women make the same mistakes repeatedly and often it stems back to their own lack of self-esteem.

Do you settle for less in your relationships with men, with friends or in your career? Why is it that you feel so unworthy?

Being a princess is not allowing someone to control you. Some people seek out those whose self-esteem is low and sense their vulnerabilities. They make demands on you and you find yourself only feeling worthy because of having them in your life.

Depression could be the reason for why you just don't care enough about yourself or feel that you are worthy.

Many women go through their lives, living to please others and looking for acceptance. It isn't easy to admit that you do this but once you do, you can change your way of thinking. Being able to look at yourself honestly can make you grow as a person.

Living your life in denial works for some, but really, how happy are you? Coming out of denial and facing reality takes strength but you have it in you. Once you examine your behavior and strive to change it, you can discover who you were meant to be.

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