Oh no! It's Easter time!

Happy Easter everyone!!!  Oh no, what's that? You forgot that Easter is this weekend? If you have little ones and you have neglected to shop for Easter baskets, planned an Easter egg hunt or even decided on what you are doing about a holiday meal, you need to get moving!

I, for one, have a huge sense of relief as Easter is upon us. As a mom of 5, Easter was a stress that I am happy to be done with. My "children" have finally outgrown Easter baskets. Believe me, some of the older ones did not want to give this tradition up. Guess I did too good of a job making unique baskets for them every year.

The costs of making Easter baskets can be high and at this moment in time, I am relieved to be free of it!

I even did Easter egg hunts both inside and out. Here in the Northeast, spring weather is unpredictable. Having an Easter egg hunt indoors is a challenge, but it is possible. Last year I did one for my stepson and youngest daughter. They had fun (even as young teens) searching through the house, looking for plastic eggs filled with candy or money.

Making an Easter basket for kids can be done last-minute (think TODAY!). I enjoyed personalizing the gifts I would put in the baskets for my kids. Sure it could run into too much money if you got out of control. If you only have one child to make a basket for you can keep it simple or spoil them- it is up to you.

My favorite items for an Easter basket include warm weather toys. Simple toys that many kids today do not normally play with. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, SillyPutty ( a tradition from my youth), jumpropes, jacks, markers, art supplies and of course, plastic eggs filled with candy!

If you got totally caught up and forgot that Easter is this weekend, get moving to your local chain drugstore or Walmart and get shopping!

Momma Vicky has your holiday meal covered- take care of getting together your Easter goodies for the kids and enjoy your weekend!

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