Paying it forward or just doing the right thing

Alaina Giordano should not lose her kids because she has breast cancer was a post that I saw on Facebook. It was posted by a friend of mine who is one of the most giving, selfless people I have ever met.

She does not know Alaina personally, but has friends in common and posted this appeal to "get the word out".

Facebook is full of causes. Sometimes there are so many that we tend to ignore them. Everyone has something that tugs at their heartstrings and for those reasons they support causes by either re-posting something or even going so far as to walk to raise money for an organization.

Donating money to an organization you believe in is great. Donating an afternoon of your life to walk to raise money for a cause is even better. But sometimes, when you see an injustice happening, you have to do more.

I had to know more about Alaina's story . I couldn't just sign a petition or post a "I'll pray for you" on the causes page. Something made me want to do more.

Once I dug deeper and found out the story behind the story, I couldn't stop at just re-posting her story. I got involved. I wrote a story about it for Associated Content/Yahoo. I urged my writer friends to help. Maybe some think that I am making a pain out of myself by re-posting Alaina's plight but her children are counting on strangers to get involved and overturn a ruling that will keep them from their mother.

How can anyone not care?

Okay, so maybe people don't want to get involved because they look at it as  a  "family dispute " or maybe they think this is so outrageous that certainly Alaina Giordano must have done something more than just have the misfortune of having stage 4 breast cancer.  Maybe it is not fair for me to "judge " why others are looking the other way. There is a lot of injustice in this world. Who could possibly find time to get involved in all of it, right? Agreed. But, if you are reading this story, you already care.

Do more than post your support on her Facebook page. Take the minute to sign the petition. If you really want to help, write an email to a news organization, the governor of North Carolina or to whomever you think might have the power to change this. 

At the end of the day you will feel that your efforts might have saved two children from the pain of being taken away from their mother. Alaina is fighting breast cancer. No one knows how long she has although her cancer is contained, a cancer diagnosis does not come with an exact date of demise.  

We all have heard stories of judges making bad decisions especially in custody matters. Even though we may not speak publicly about it, we know women who have been battered. Alaina could be your sister, your daughter or your friend. She could even be you.

To sign the petition to the governor of North Carolina 

click here 

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