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Readers of this blog who do not know me may assume that I am not sympathetic to fathers in a custody dispute. NEVER ASSUME. I don't believe that just because you give birth to a child makes you a mom; it takes so much more. Just as because you can "father" a child doesn't make you a dad. Custody cases often get ugly and it is horrible that parents forget who is really getting hurt- the children involved in the dispute.

I believe in the best interests of the children first and foremost. This should be about what is best for them. I still don't believe that taking the children away from either parent is best. Whenever possible, personal issues should be put aside for the sake of the children. Divorce sucks for kids-plain and simple. But the case I have been blogging about isn't 100% about how a divorce is tearing apart a family. This case is making news and getting attention because of cancer being used against a mother.

If there are other "reasons" why this mother should not have custody, why is her cancer such a factor in the ruling? What kind of judge would make a mother's not knowing how long she has to live a factor in whether or not she should be a part of her childrens lives?

I cannot get past that. Anyone of us could die unexpectedly. Some of us put ourselves at higher risks by our lifestyles. Obesity is responsible for people developing heart disease which can shorten your life. Should fat mothers not have custody? Or fat fathers?

As far as a few comments that I say that I have not gotten the "other" side of the story...well...if the father would like to do an interview with me - let's do it. I would be happy to tell your side of the story. Please explain to me why you see fit to remove your children from their mother. Yes, I am aware that a judge awarded you custody but who initiated it? Why do you not have any sympathy for her cancer diagnosis? She is the mother of your children- certainly you loved her at one time. How can you look into your children's eyes and not see a part of Alaina? How will you explain to your children why you are taking them away from their mother?

I have not seen any public bashing by the mother about the father. I have not publicly bashed the father. I have not even named him. I have not named the children in this blog. Alaina Giordano has a Facebook page and a blog in her defense of the situation. The only reason that I have named her is because her name is already "out there".

Judges are human and make errors. I have personally seen it happen. Sometimes a defendant is "out-lawyered". The system is not always fair. The system is flawed. Children suffer from it. Parents suffer from it.

Why did I jump on this "bandwagon"? Because I felt that this judge needs to be taken to task for an obvious injustice. I cannot believe that because Alaina Giordano does not know when she is going to die she lost custody of her children. Does any parent know?

I welcome comments from readers just please show respect by not name-calling or using the names of anyone in this story. I am now monitoring all comments before they are published because of the sensitive nature of this topic. Thank-you!

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