Social Media and the Justice System

The disappointing verdict in the Casey Anthony trial has many people outraged. It reminds many of us of the OJ Simpson trial with one huge difference. Unlike the OJ trial, we knew about the discovery (evidence) that the state had before the trial began.

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Anyone who was able to set aside their personal feelings about Casey Anthony didn't need to be a lawyer to know that the state's case was based upon purely circumstantial evidence and asked for too much speculation. 

Although we can all sit here and agree that there is no excuse for not reporting your toddler missing for 31 days or not reporting a drowning, the state did not have even proof of a crime.

It is sad but true. If Caylee was murdered or accidentally chloroformed and died by Casey's hand, there was no proof of this shown. Proof of chloroform, yes, but not any proof that Caylee was chloroformed.

People can be convicted of a murder when there is no body. The sad truth is that in this case, there just was too much room for reasonable doubt. 

Caylee Anthony was failed today. In fact, Caylee Anthony was failed a long time ago. The first people who failed her were her own grandparents who knew that Casey Anthony was reckless, a liar and not a fit mother. 

Cindy Anthony knew it. George Anthony knew it. Lee Anthony knew it. 

They could have saved Caylee. Once they had not seen Caylee when they normally would have, instead of listening to Casey's lies they should have called the police!

Perhaps Caylee would have been found sooner and it could have been determined exactly how she died. Maybe then there would have been Justice for Caylee.

Enough of the speculation. The verdict is what it is. The story will take some time to die down. 

Casey Anthony will no doubt get paid a ton of money for her story. Lies, all lies by the most infamous liar of them all. People will watch. People will analyze her lies searching for the truth. They will never find it. 

The media frenzy and social media helped to turn this horrible tragedy into an obsession for many. We knew way too much about the case without even seeking it out. A family's dysfunction was exposed for the world to judge. 

Although I started a blog dedicated to covering this trial and I have written several articles about this case, I am glad that it is over. I am ready to put it behind me. I got a taste of the justice system and how social media and public opinion do not always agree.

It sickens me. It sickens many of us. I believe in karma and it will be following Casey, Cindy and George Anthony. When it strikes it will be ugly.


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    The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
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