Why I Follow the Casey Anthony Trial

I started a blog entirely devoted to the Casey Anthony murder trial for many reasons. 

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I was a frequent viewer of Nancy Grace back in the summer of 2008, and I remember when the 911 tapes Cindy Anthony made reporting her granddaughter missing became public. My husband and I were both sure that Casey Anthony knew more than she was saying. Her story about a nanny was so obviously fictional and Casey's whole "story" just pointed to her guilt.

I followed this story (and others) through the years and once the court case came I knew I would be tuning in to see if justice would be served.

The Anthony family is a study in dysfunction. No doubt. The truth is that I know families that are similar. I was a pregnant teen who lied about my pregnancy and hid it from my family. My family rushed to get me married so I would not give birth out of wedlock. 

Why people behave the way that they do fascinates me. The damage that happens to a child from growing up in a home like the Anthonys is evident when you watch son Lee testify. Lee is about 30 but it is obvious that the damage is deep and unresolved. 

Casey is fascinating to me because as a young mother, I would have died for my baby. She seems totally detached and beyond self-absorbed. How did she get this way? Was it just that she was overindulged? 

Gosh, I hope not. I have had my moments of overindulging my kids and so far, none of them are killers.

I think what fascinates me and others is Casey Anthony herself. Her lies are more than just lies; they are complete and total fabrications with little basis in truth. She made up detailed stories about people including a nanny who the defense admits never existed. It is the extremes of her lies that fascinates. 

It is outrageous that anyone could kill a sweet, innocent child. I was a teen mom who had a toddler who was very high maintenance. I got divorced while she was still young and being a single mom is tough, lonely and frustrating. I never ever wanted to be rid of her. A child is a gift and although she was not planned, I stepped up and tried to do my best by her.
Most moms do. 

I guess this all proves the point that just because you can give birth it doesn't make you a mother.  It also shows that dysfunction can be alive and well and living next door to you without you being aware. Scary isn't it?

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