Preparing for the Worst

The power of the ocean as Hurricane Irene churns its way towards its destination is amazing to watch. I love the beauty of it but its power to create devastation is what we all fear.

During this past winter with the record snowfall, it felt like we ran out of room to pile the snow that just kept coming.

Snow, although a bitch to deal with is so much easier than extreme rainfall.

I found myself up early (as usual) this morning and felt the need to write about New Jersey’s preparations for the hurricane. read more here

It’s funny. The last week or so I have not been writing and instead I have been focusing on making beaded and sequin covered Christmas ornaments for my Etsy store.
I have been having some sales on my vintage items and giving me a break from writing seemed like a good idea.

Having had spent the last 2+ years writing daily, often publishing as many as 8 articles a day wore me out. When it got to the point where it felt like I was repeating myself, I decided to find a new focus.

Sometimes it helps to walk away for a bit.

As the day goes on, I am going to do my best to enjoy the calm before the storm. I am finding some level of comfort in writing about the preparations for the storm. It is helping to distract me from worrying about what I cannot change.

We are powerless to control Mother Nature. All we can do is prepare to be “stranded” and hope for the best.

With any luck Irene will blow out to sea instead of hugging the shore.

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