Life Goes On

A few days ago it was an earthquake. Now here in NJ we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

Although the news is bombarding us with warnings, I really am trying my best to distract myself for their foreboding of doom.

Aside from preparing my basement and making sure that my family has everything they need, there is not much else that I can do.

I expect that there may be flooding, I live in a home that has a pump and hopefully it can keep up with the 10 to 15" I heard we might get. I have a huge oak tree in my front yard and with winds over 80 mph, well, I have no clue what could happen. I would rather not worry about what if's. It just seems like a waste of energy to "borrow trouble".

I will be here with most of my family and that is all that matters to me.

No matter what, all I can do is just weather the storm. Mother nature is going to do whatever she pleases.

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