AMC Goes Out With a Bang

Today was the end of an era. All My Children aired their last episode today and it went out with a bang, literally.

AMC will be continuing in an online format and although only a few cast members have signed for this new venture, it will never be the same. Maybe after what they have done to this show the last few months it was time for it to die.

I anticipated shedding a few tears today watching the final episode but instead I was laughing and disgusted at the end of this show. Monday's episode where Angie got her sight back had me balling my eyes out. Nothing else the rest of the week touched me as much.

Even starting the show off with births of some of the character's babies didn't do it for me. It just got weird after that. It all felt rushed and not realistic. It really was sad how a show that was good a long time ago went bad and fast.

Killing off Stuart Chandler was a move that many fans didn't approve up but we got over it. David Canary eventually left AMC and who could blame him? What they (the writers) were doing to many of the characters was awful.

David Canary returned for the end of AMC to give us a watered down version of Adam Chandler and the miraculous return of his twin Stuart. I am sorry but I was not moved.

What happened today that was good was that Jackson Montgomery finally grew a pair of balls and told Erica that he was done with her.

The writing all week has been too sappy, too predictable and too uncharacteristically happy for me. People who couldn't stand each other all of a sudden were being nice to each other. Ugh. Give me a break. Liza Colby being happy for Jesse and Angie, Jesse thanking David, and even Adam thanking David. The real Adam Chandler would have ripped him apart.

We were reminded (over and over) today that the character of Erica Kane was loosely based upon Scarlett O-Hara. It was completely predictable that when she went running through the party to chase after Jack begging him to not leave her we (I did) knew what was coming next.

Tight shot on Jack as he turned around and Rhett Butler-like told Erica as she pleaded with him what will I do he retorted "Frankly Erica I don't give a damn". Walt Willey is a good actor but you could almost see the laughter that must have erupted after the director called "cut". Really? And the fans were supposed to enjoy this?

Stuart gets out of the hospital and is on his way home to a party where most of the town (at the last moment) digs their formal wear out and shows up (does anyone have a REAL job on soap operas?)at the Chandler mansion that Brooke saves from foreclosure thanks to the inheritance her aunt left her. It was funny how Winifred the maid pulled together a party in record time but failed to remove all the moving boxes from the ballroom.

Meanwhile J.R., who has taken a walk on the darkside (the actor who plays him has signed onto Bold and the Beautiful) waiting in the shadows with a bottle of liquor and a gun. As the camera showed us his view of his father Adam, his ex-wife and lesbian lover, Erica runs across the room and BANG! the gun goes off, the screen goes dark and that's it folks.

Monday ABC begins airing their new talk/food show "The Chew". My television will not be on for that junk. If I want to watch a food show, there is food network.

How about you? let me know what you thought of the final week of AMC and will you watch the Chew?

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