All My Children - Disappointing Ending

The shock of ABC cancelling All My Children and One Life to Live has passed and although there is talk of the shows continuing online, it doesn't really much matter for All My Children.

The past several weeks, writers have shown what they think of fans of the show. When I see the opening credits, I expect the title of the show to be "All My Zombies".

Now anyone who doesn't watch soap operas knows that "dead" is never really "dead" on a soap but this storyline with David Hayward "bringing back" deceased Pine Valley favorites, well, it is very Dr. Frankenstein-like.

The writing on this show changed several months back and once the cancellation was announced, my late aunt stopped watching because she was disgusted by the writing also. She told me that she wouldn't watch the replacement shows and neither will I.

I hate the View and anything that resembles it is just not for me. My vision of growing old keeping up with the people of Pine Valley is not to be.

Watching the final episodes of AMC, there have been some tear-jerking moments. Angie getting her sight back and reconciling with Jesse was one. I have loved this couple since they were in high school. When Liza Colby remarked that Jesse and Angie are getting their happily ever after, well, the tears were flowing.

We need some happily ever after on soaps.

The "mystery" over who else David has revived and kept from their families disgusts me and when the answer was revealed that Stuart Chandler was alive, well, it was just another huge slap in the face to fans.

I loved Stuart but his death was a part of a plot that was needed. We do not watch soaps because we expect happiness all the time- life is not like that.

With the show ending, storylines should have been wrapped up giving fans some happy endings and some not-so-happy endings. Do the characters and the fans justice.

A romance was budding between Kendall and Griffin for weeks and then, boom! Zack was brought back from the dead.

I understand that storylines are planned in advance and the cancellation threw things up in the air but the way they decided to resolve storylines or just ignore that they were happening was sloppy.

Fans enjoy the reunions such as Joe and Ruth coming back to town, but there have been too many uncharacteristic reactions to life in Pine Valley lately.

I will miss the old AMC but thanks to the last few months of horrible storylines, I will not be sad to see it go.

What do you think?

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