Kate Gosselin's Looking for Work-Why I Don't Care

TLC dropped "Kate Plus 8" after the ratings dropped and now Kate Gosselin is crying poverty. This after she went out and purchased a new, sporty Audi.

Personally, I don't care.

Yes, thanks to Kate Gosselin's antics I earned some money on sites like Associated Content/Yahoo because I wrote about her and other pseudo-celebrities. Unlike Kate Gosselin, no one has offered me big bucks to do a reality show, hang out with Sarah Palin or do "Dancing With the Stars".

Like Kate Gosselin, I am unemployed. Okay, I prefer to think of myself as self-employed since after much trying I have not gotten hired at a job outside my home. Without exploiting my children I am finding other ways of earning income.

Unlike Kate Gosselin, I do not have a nursing degree. I have been a mom my entire adult life. Yup, thirty years of being a mom and I have 5 great kids to show for it but I also have a bankruptcy and a really bad credit rating.

Had I been afforded the salary that Kate Gosselin got for several seasons of exposing her children to the world I wouldn't be freaking out over the show's cancellation.

I would have lived simply and been putting money away for the future. Everyone knows that 15 minutes of "fame" comes to an end. I would have prepared for that.

But I am not Kate Gosselin. I am a real mom who would never have exploited her children so that I could get a tummy tuck (although after 6 pregnancies I could use one), hair extensions (yup- I could use those too- my recent attempt at cutting my own hair was not pretty) and all the other extras that Kate has treated herself to.

I may not have money, fame or a big house but I have so much more than Kate Gosselin will ever have.

My husband loves and respects me maybe because the feelings are mutual. My kids are really decent people and their presence in the world will make a difference.

I may stress out over how we are going to pay our bills but there is tons of laughter and love in my home. Real love and laughter that is not staged. This is my life and it may be a struggle at times but I am rich.

So when I hear that Kate Gosselin is flipping out because she is unemployed, I do not feel sympathy. I am surprised that her show lasted as long as it did. I watched a few minutes here and there and was sickened at what I saw. My cat who is caring for her 5 kittens shows more love, respect and nurturing towards her litter than Kate Gosselin does. She has- oops, I mean HAD a nanny for that.

There are too many people like myself who are unemployed through no fault of our own. We try to find work and as the days, weeks and months pass without results we still manage to get by.

At the end of the day I remember just how blessed I am to have what I do have.

Kate Gosselin who?

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