Forward Thinking

I could be depressed. It would be easy. Facing many challenges, seeing how "tough" it seems to be for everyone and the general emotional climate could easily drag me into the "pity" mode but I am not going there.

I am a fighter and most of all, I think forward.

I am not going to dwell on what happened yesterday. I choose to learn from whatever happened that is done.

I think the problem today is that many people get shell-shocked and have a difficult time accepting what curveballs life has thrown their way.

They get stuck in a negativity rut and soon find that they cannot get out of it.

Don't get me wrong. It is a struggle to think forward and not allow the past to influence me the wrong way.

It isn't like I don't get scared but fear can keep you from thinking clearly and to survive in today's world, thinking clearly is the key.

I believe in my own power. I have re-invented myself more times than Madonna and I am not afraid to fail. I am also not afraid of success.

Although I found out today that my temporary job is over, I am not sad. I am happy for the experience and the paycheck that I received for 5 weeks of hellish work.

Time to move forward.

No looking back because yesterday is gone and the future holds many possibilities.

Time to focus on them!

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