Ever wonder how a group of people can see one event so differently? The glass to some could be described as half-full and to others, half-empty. It is all in how you see it.

Right or wrong, we all can go along with the crowd even when the crowd is misguided or we can stand alone and feel strong in our conviction of what the "truth" is.

Either way we feel as if "our truth" is the only one.

Since the beginning of time there have been conflicts. Large or small, they usually stem from someone not being able to see things the same way as someone else.

Whether it is our ego that makes us this way or just self-importance, sometimes it is difficult to get along.

It doesn't matter if you are "blood" or neighbors. Humans are just that way.

There is so much talk these days about steering clear of negativity in your life in order to live a more positive, happy existance.

Life is not always meant to be happy. We have to deal with negativity sometimes. There really is no avoiding it.

The problem is that when you come across a person who is closed to any other opinion but their own you will have a difficult time getting along with them. Sure you can "yes" them while you bite your tongue but really, what kind of relationship would it be?

The truth can be painful but from the pain you can learn an awful lot about yourself if you are mature enough to face the truth that you are not perfect and without flaws.

The basis of any good relationship is honesty. When a relationship has secrets and lies it will eventually blow up. It cannot be deep and fulfilling when secrets and lies exist.

No one who walks the Earth today is perfect. We all have flaws even if we choose not to acknowledge them. We can only grow if we stop and consider our own imperfections and feel compassion towards those who have not yet reached the place where they can acknowledge theirs.

Each and every one of us is unique in so many ways. This is part of what makes life interesting but also what makes it so tough. Finding the balance in it all is the challenge.

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