Halloween Grinch

I used to really enjoy Halloween. From the homemade costumes I spent weeks making to the elaborate decorating outside my home, it was a huge holiday for me and my family.

Not this year.

I feel burned out by Halloween.

Part of the reason is my temporary position working for a call center that has several costume websites.

As my temp job comes to a close, I am thankful for the view into a world that I had only wondered about.

This was my first job working as a customer service rep for a call center and thankfully, I was able to do it from home. Had I been working on site, I would not have lasted more than a day.

Working from home allowed me to walk away from the phone when aggravation got the best of me.

Dealing with costume talk the past few weeks is only part of the reason why I am feeling like a Halloween grinch this year. I guess the other reason is because I am still not over summer being gone. The leaves have begun to fall in my front yard and I dread the work it will be to clean them up.

Thanks to Hurricane Irene I lost many of my Halloween decorations and costumes. It was sad but at the time, I was happy that we didn't lose more.

Money is tight and replacing the decorations was not high on my priority list.

So I will be a grinch this Halloween. The price of everything has gone up and the idea of spending hard-earned cash on candy to hand out to strangers is well...not really all that important to me.

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