It's the End of the World!

Today is the adjusted date according to Harold Camping for the rapture. While I try and contain my laughter in order to focus on this post, let me just say, you have to admire this man for not giving up on what he believes in.

Honestly if you are a Christian who knows anything about the Bible, it clearly states that no man will know when the "end" will come. So what makes Harold Camping think that he knows what is not meant for any man to know?

Personally I decided quite some time ago to not worry about what I cannot change. The date of the end of the world is just one of the many things in life that I have no control over.

I wake up each day excited to see what the day will bring- yes, even when some days continue to be a challenge, I still have hope. I guess I am just happy with who I am (most of the time) and the people I have chosen to be in my life.

I am not financially rich but so wealthy in many other ways.

If today truly is the end of the world, I will be sad to see it end but it has been a good ride.

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