Escaping Reality for the Swan and Dolphin Disney Resort

Today it hit 70 degrees here in New Jersey. I know the cold weather is coming and honestly, Florida is sounding great right about now. I could also use a vacation and why not try and escape winter (and reality) by going to the most famous fantasy world of all. Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

I first went to Walt Disney World when I was a kid the year it opened.

Back then Central Florida was not as built up as it is now and you literally drove for miles seeing nothing but nature before you entered the grounds of Walt Disney World.

As a kid it really felt like you were leaving the real world behind and entering this beautiful land of fantasy. It still feels like that but now it is even better.

Although Florida has changed since the 70s, Walt Disney World is still an escape from reality and a trip to the Swan and Dolphin Resort is a perfect choice for a getaway.

While here in the Northeast we are bracing for winter, the average temperature in Orlando is between 50 and 70 degrees in November and December. Visiting the Swan and Dolphin resort would make a perfect Christmas vacation for the family. It sure beats dealing with the winter snow and ice.

Imagine making your child’s Disney dreams come true by booking a breakfast with one of their favorite characters! This is just one of the perks of staying at the Swan and Dolphin resort. Even my 82 year old father would love to have breakfast with his favorite Donald Duck! We are all little kids after all and being at a Disney World resort brings out the kid in you. Don’t we all need that these days?

The Swan and Dolphin resorts are gorgeous. Take a virtual tour and tell me I’m wrong. The accommodations are luxurious; there are many choices in dining and tons of activities. The added plus of staying at a Disney resort is the extra magic hours benefit. This means that each day, one of the four Disney theme parks opens an hour early or stays open up to an extra three hours late for guests to enjoy attractions.

I love the idea of flying into Orlando and arriving at the Swan and Dolphin resort and just staying put. No putting up with traffic or the hassles of driving; everything you need or want is at this resort. They provide transportation to all four of the Disney theme parks and there are plenty of fun things to do at the resort. Play golf, enjoy the spa or one of the many pools.

The only problem I can see with going to the Swan and Dolphin resort is that I would not want to leave!

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