I've got a fear of Hoarding.

Yup. I have nightmares that I wake up and I cannot move in my home because it is filled with stuff. Nothing in particular- just stuff.

There was a time several years back when everything I owned could fit into the trunk of my car.

I liked that.

Sure I had other stuff like family photos and other memorabilia but it was stored away. Still everything that I needed could fit into my car.

Why do I have this irrational fear of stuff taking over my life?

Maybe it is because the last several months I have been working very hard selling Vintage (aka other's junk) on Etsy and eBay. Because of this I have several carefully organized boxes of "stuff" in my basement.

I don't like it.

I am afraid that the stuff will multiply and maybe even that I might get attached to it.

I come from a long line of hoarders. Yes. I am sorry to let out the "secret" but there are hoarders in my family tree. Whether they admit it or not or feel like it is a problem, they hoard.

In my world, relationships and people mean the most to me. I admire some items but I can easily live without them.

The only "stuff" I would miss would be my scrapbooks I made of my children as they were growing up. Yes, memories of them are forever etched in my mind but having photos to look at is always nice.

Aside from them I could easily give up anything else that is taking up space.

I think about how nice it would be to find new homes for the accumulation of stuff that has grown in the 6+ years I have lived in my home. I imagine walking into my basement and it being as empty as it was when I first moved in.

Wow that sounds good to me.

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