Day Three - Still Adjusting

Well it is day three without my daily escape of One Life to Live and I am bummed out.

I need my escape and I will accept no substitutions!

To those who are not fans of soap operas, daytime dramas or "stories", you cannot understand what a die-hard fan is going through these days.

I literally have been watching ABC soaps since I was about 13 years old. Mind you, I have held full-time jobs outside the home, taped- yes, taped my soaps and watched them on weekends and thanks to dvr's and SoapNet, always managed to keep up with the goings on in Llanview.

That is until ABC decided that it cost too much money to produce and instead put hundreds out of work in favor of two stupid replacement shows. Ever since weak-minded people got mesmerized by Oprah networks have decided that we "need" television shows to "inspire" us and "teach" us how to live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Not me.

I am fine the way that I am and guess what- if I choose to make changes in MY life, I don't need to television show or "guru" to show me the way.

What I need is my daily escape to the often ridiculous but addicting daytime drama. Daytime dramas have made history tackling subjects such as abortion, AIDS, and interracial relationships. For an hour a day viewers could escape their own realities while they indulged themselves in the mindless entertainment of a soap opera.

So much has changed in the entertainment world as far as television goes. Why is it acceptable that a family who has no real talent except for pimping themselves to the highest bidder should have several reality shows? Although it is true that these kinds of shows are mainly on cable stations, network television has stooped to the same level with programs like the Bachelor and Celebrity Wife Swap.

As far as daytime tv goes, do we really need another talk show with a bunch a rude co-hosts who struggle to talk over each other?

If you don't watch these shows you always have the choice of watching white trash airing their dirty laundry by finding out who the real baby daddy is or a People's Court-type show. Garbage. It is all garbage.

Soaps have been around for nearly 50 years. Yes, they have changed over the years but they have become something constant in many fans lives.

There is so much in life that you cannot control but for a soap fan, our show was always there when we needed it.

This soap fan didn't realize how much she depended upon that escape until it was gone.

Sure for now I still have General Hospital but rumors are that it will be gone soon also. I never thought I was one that couldn't deal with change but this was a change that is wrong. It is all about money and no matter how strongly fans voiced their opinion- it didn't matter.

For now I turn on my tv at 3 p.m. for General Hospital. I will not watch the replacement shows; I won't even give them the free advertising of mentioning their names. ABC made a mistake - you don't mess with a soap fan! Their ratings will prove me right.

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