It All Comes Back to You

I just got back from getting a haircut. Yea, I could have done it myself but hey, I deserve to be pampered sometimes.

Too bad that this didn't really count as a "pampering". Although the shop I went to was dead, I mean D-E-A-D!! the stylist was totally unappreciative that I graced her with my thick head of hair. It took me longer to walk there then she spent cutting my hair.

(btw it took about 8 minutes to walk there- yes, EIGHT)

Anyhow, for the few minutes I sat in her chair, she complained about how quiet it was, how dead business has been, blah blah blah...after my "quickie" haircut I see why.

People who complain about business being bad,etc. and are in the service industry should look in the mirror. Often the reason WHY business is bad comes down to the service THEY are providing.

I can get away with the quickie haircut she gave me because basically I was just looking for someone to clean up my ends but had I wanted a REAL haircut I would be pissed right now.

In life what you put out you get in return. I could have been nasty to this girl but you know something, she is already miserable and maybe my kindness (NOT going off on here AND tipping her) will wake her up to her lack of customer service skills.

I need for someone to be nice to me these has been a rough go. I am pushing on and trying to see the bright side and remember that although I may be miserable at times, what I put out will return to me.

So although I do not always feel like being nice, it does help me in the long run.

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