Pushin' On

I don't know it if is the crazy winter weather (snow on Saturday now it is nearly 50 degrees) or just my turn but I am getting sick.

I am not quite there (sick) yet...still fighting it and refusing to give in.

So here I am pushing along trying to keep my mind occupied and work towards my goals.

Problem is my brain is fuzzy, my energy is zapped and all I really want to do is lay in bed and veg with a good black & white movie.

It's not happening.

Hubby needs to sleep so as not to disturb him I am out in the living room, on my laptop (black and white movie on) but I am pushin' on, trying to accomplish something...anything so that I don't feel like a waste.

If you cannot be sick the right way, that means the least I can do is attempt to be productive.

My heart just isn't in it.

Days go by and I am getting closer but I am not quite there yet.

Yesterday I enthusiastically signed up to write for a new site but only got as far as my profile.

Tomorrow evening I have my first real night of work after training the other day. I am still hoping to find a work-from-home steady job.

I need to get everything in place before I go forward and a part of me is procrastinating.

I need to do some adjustments to my computer (ugh), sign up for a landline and purchase equipment.

I spent 6 weeks this past fall as a call center rep working from home.

It was hell.

It was nice to wear pajamas to work and not worry about the rising cost of gas.

I no longer have a car so working outside the home is going to be a challenge. Working from home is really my best shot at my husband being able to give up his second job. I considered taking public transportation or a cab but at $9 an hour I cannot afford it.

Yup. Tomorrow I am going to stop procrastinating and get busy making this work-from-home stuff work.

For the rest of the night I will rest and tomorrow, hopefully, the bodyaches, stuffy head and lack of energy will be gone.

I have lots to do and no time to be sick.

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