One Life to Live

Today One Life to Live aired its' last episode after more than 40 years on the air.

It was a tough week for fans as we prepared to say goodbye to a show that many of us faithfully followed for years.

When the final episodes were filmed, the cast was hopeful that the daytime drama would continue in an online format but sadly, those plans fell through. Therefore we were left with a cliffhanger and although I am not totally surprised by it, I am disappointed.

It was a week that had more happy endings than sad ones. Someone had to die and we said goodbye to Ford who succumbed to his injuries from trying to rescue Jessica from the sick Mitch Lawrence. Mitch later was shot dead by Natalie.

Natalie and John FINALLY worked it out and united.

Shane got accepted to a prestigious art school in England and he and his parents departed for their fresh start. The week was pretty much full of tying up loose ends and although not everything could be wrapped up simply, fans like myself were satisfied with the stories.

I expected to shed tears today as the last episode aired. I really didn't too much. It all seemed to happen too quickly.

Viki and Clint found out that Jessica really is Clint's daughter after all which helped to give happiness to Jessica who was mourning Ford's death. Clint then (finally) proposed to Viki. We all kind of knew that was coming.

Meanwhile Jessica answers a knock on the door to find Brody who has been released from St. Anne's and before departing for a job out of town offers his condolences to her.

Destiny gave birth to a baby boy with her family, Matthew and his parents all gathered in Rex's living room.

Meanwhile in L.A., Starr moved in with Langston and Marco. She also got a surprise visitor- Cole. Not sure how that all went down but hey, it is a happy ending, right?

John found Tomas who was eager to get to Blair but Tea convinced him that he had to wait. John then burst into Blair's bedroom where he found Blair and Todd in bed together and announced that Todd was under arrest for Victor's murder.

The cliffhanger- SPOILER ALERT- Todd has nothing to worry about. Okay, he did imprison Tomas but he didn't kill Victor.

Victor is alive and being held captive by Allison Perkins. Why? I have no idea and we will never know as this reveal was the last scene of the last episode.

I will miss my afternoon escape. OLTL has been an escape for me on and off since, well, a LONG time. Yes a few of my favorite characters will be visiting Port Charles (General Hospital) and that will be interesting but OLTL is over.

I imagine that ABC will be announcing the cancellation of GH soon and then I will give up ABC for good. I have zero interest in the mindless junk my daytime soaps are and have been replaced with. The Chew is absolutely annoying. I have not watched any of it expect for the end of the show as the hosts talk over each other with their mouths full.

I guess I will be getting a lot more done without having my daily escape. I will miss them though. It is the end of an era; a sad one. ABC (like just about everyone else) cares about money and that is all. Hundreds were put out of work and I am sure that the replacement shows will not last too long. People want and need an escape from reality. Soap operas give us that.

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