Pouring My Heart Out

I have come across some brutally honest blogs (and Facebook statuses) of late. Have we all become so self-absorbed that we think ordinary strangers really care? Sorry but 80% of your "friends" don't know the REAL you.

We all have "stuff" that we deal with. We have good days and bad and times where we feel like the crap is never going to end. Does anyone else really want to read our whining?

Honestly, it does all sound like whining.

Pouring your heart out may have therapeutic benefits but sometimes you wind up looking self-absorbed.

Baring your soul for the cyberworld to see may seem like a good idea (think status update) but really, who is paying attention? Perhaps someone you would rather not pay attention (a prospective employer for example)is.

Because of technology, the Internet and our lifestyles, having a good old-fashioned face-to-face talk with a friend is not as common as spilling your problems via status updates on social networks.

I don't know about most people, but I would have to guess that many of us have "friends" who barely know us and too much information about what our lives are like in the "real" world is not something our Facebook friends really care about. This can also go the opposite way in the updates of the people whose lives seem to be one big fairytale.

The Internet is a funny place. What you read about someone is not really always the truth. For example if your life is so blissful, why the hell aren't you enjoying every moment instead of taking the time to post an update bragging about how wonderful your _____ is?

Kind of makes you wonder what the truth is.

Life's ups and downs may tempt a person to share too much with the cyber world. I say before you type out that status update, think about what it really says to the world.

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  1. Bravo for this post! Somedays FB looks like one big old train wreck. yikes!